I like to spend my free time volunteering.

I started volunteering in earnest because I felt I needed to balance my day job with something more meaningful.

I currently volunteer and serve as the Auxiliary Board President at Project Onward, a nonprofit art studio and gallery that supports the professional artists who have exceptional talents and face intellectual, developmental and mental health challenges. I focus on fundraising and growth projects for the organization, and help with administrative needs around the studio most weekends.

Please consider making a donation to Project Onward, or take a turn in the online shop for some truly unique art to hang on your walls.


I play with mud.

I picked up ceramics a few years ago and haven't been able to knock the habit. There's something wonderful about getting your hands literally dirty.

Creating functional pieces is the most satisfying to me, but I love building miniature sculptures from scrap pieces of clay (besides, I’m running out of storage room for platters and cups). I'm constantly learning new techniques, challenging myself to increase the quality of each piece I make, and slowly developing my own style.


As a kid, I wanted to be a journalist and a teacher.

Who am I kidding? I still aspire to achieve these dreams—if only essence of them—and consider every career move through the lens of whether or not a role will allow me to serve my community, and give me the opportunity to learn from and help inspire others.

At the start of my career, I proudly served a total of six years in various newsrooms. Four of those years were with newspapers, during which time I had the honor of learning from Pulitzer Prize-winning journalists and even contributed to Pulitzer Prize-winning breaking news coverage in 2013 as part of the Denver Post staff.