Designing at The Denver Post

As a Page Designer.

Responsibilities: 1A, Section fronts and jump pages; Graphics; Managing page flow to printers in relation to deadline.
Team: 1-3 Copy Editors, Section Editor
Stakeholders/Reviewer: Managing Editor/Design & Photography

I spent many shifts designing section covers for both news and features. I found designing for the features sections more liberating, but the news sections more thrilling (nothing like breaking news 10 minutes before deadline!). My skill set expanded to include managing my own workflow and deadlines, pulling story lists and mapping inches with the section editors, requesting graphics from the wire, relaying headline requests to the copy desk, and shipping pages to the printer. 

When I wasn't scheduled for a news shift, I started learning ePub software. Imagining a world where people could interact with my designs pushed me to learn as much as I could about the available technology. During my learning time, I art directed and assisted in the production of three ePubs: Garden Colorado, Denver Eats and the Ski Guide.


As a Graphic Artist.

Responsibilities: Conceptual illustrations; Interviewing sources for infographics; Locator maps
Team: Reporter, Page Designer
Stakeholders/Reviewer: Managing Editor/Design & Photography

While I was a graphic artist at The Denver Post, I had the privilege of contributing to Pulitzer Prize-winning breaking news coverage of a tragic event in Aurora, Colorado. More regularly (and usually more upbeat), my news shifts were occupied with maps and data. I worked closely with the staff reporters to develop charts, workflows and other data displays to contribute to the next day's paper. The most exciting part for me was learning about new trends, and talking with the reporters and their sources to find the best way to represent any given concept to our readers.