I'm a versatile designer who wants to help you build something great.

My favorite aspect of being a designer is that I get to help solve problems. At the very core of my problem-solving strategy are curiosity and determination. I want to learn. I want to create. I want to share. I want to improve.

The types of problems I find most intriguing allow me to blur the lines between design roles, touch multiple parts of a greater system, and are made even more complex by legal requirements and technology obstacles. No matter the type of problem or process followed, I depend on the people around me for information, camaraderie, feedback, and inspiration. I find that it is incredibly important as a designer to not only design with empathy for the user, but to also be empathetic toward the entire team building and supporting the solution.

Right now I'm happily employed at Expedia, but I don't shy away from learning about new challenges and opportunities. Do you need help solving a problem? Let's chat!